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"... an exhibition with spectacular visuals with beautiful and endless illustrations in harmony with the music and sound effects ... and together those bring the viewer to a dream world... "

Cespregi Evelyn @ NÉPSZAVA - largest Hungarian daily newspaper  /  "NIKOLA TESLA - MIND FROM THE FUTURE"

 Exhibition STORY 

In the main space of the gallery cross-media documentary film project: “MechanicalFigures_inspired by Tesla” is transformed into FILM FRESCO - "walk through the movie" experience innovative immersive format,  spreading on the walls, as well as through space, transforming the gallery's space into an experiential, Alice-in-Wonderland-like journey through Tesla’s mind


Creating an atmosphere of entering an imaginary world, as if we're inside of a pop-up book and film set at the same time, visitor literary walks through the 9 story chapters, transformed into the 9 “rooms”, depicted by multimedia interactive immersive space “illustrations”. 


Guided by Nikola Tesla as the main character, whose life intermingles with the events of the age, recreated through this exhibition setup, visitor is invited to search trhough the rooms for the various symbols, objects, numbers, and guides, which are holding the information and storyline that will help them to enjoy the journey,

    9 story chapters / gallery rooms   

1. CHILDHOOD in Lika

2. SCHOOL AGE in Rakovac  

3. Leaving for EUROPE  

4. First major discoveries in BUDAPEST  

5. TRAVELLING TO AMERICA with an oceanliner  

6. Accomplishing major discoveries in NEW YORK and NIAGARA  

7. COLORADO SPRINGS LABORATORY – the first Mars explorations  

8. TESLOPOLIS – a magical High Rise New York of booming Art Deco  

9. RADIO DREAM – one man’s vision for retro-futuristic reality  

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