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"After Croatia, it is Hungary's turn to present Serbian scientists' inventions, including the induction motor, the radio, or the wireless transmission of energy. Don't worry, the exhibition is very spectacular, you won't be bored for a minute! ...  :) Buy your ticket now!" 

ATLASZ Iskolaszövetkezet - Hungarian student on-line magazine /  "NIKOLA TESLA - MIND FROM THE FUTURE"


Original TESLA stuff and machines 





For this exhibition concept, some of the most intriguing TESLA original artifacts have been exhibit outside of Serbia and Croatia for the 1st time.


We will specially emphasize the possibility to exhibit the reconstruction of TESLA high school scientific lab from Rakovac Real Gymnasium, on which Tesla had done his first scientific experiments in electromagnetism,  with special highlight on the lithograph of Niagara, as the first work of applied art that had strongly influenced tesla’s decision to go to America and harness the powers of the waterfalls for the benefit of mankind. 


""In the classroom of one of the advanced classes of the Real Gymnasium, models of water wheels were on display. They were not working models but nevertheless, they sparked Tesla's enthusiasm. They evoked in him the memory of a water wheel he had constructed in the hills of Smiljan. He had seen pictures of the magnificent Niagara falls, coupling the power capacity presented by the majestic waterfalls and the intriguing possibilities he saw in the models of the water wheels, he awakened in himself a passion to accomplish a grand achievement. While nourishing that idea deep inside, he told his father "Someday I am going to America to harness Niagara falls to produce power." Thirty years later, he had witnessed his vision come to fruition."- Prodigal Genius, John J. O'Neill, 1944"


The loans form Belgrade museum are very valuable, and for this new concept we are already working on the new significant addition in original Tesla notebooks, letters, and personal stuff that haven't yet been exhibited outside of the museum in Belgrade since they arrived there in 1950s

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