"Then comes the real treat, but really: I was able to enter a surreal, almost extraterrestrial world that could feature David Lynch or Tim Burton film set!" 

  exhibition concept  

The cross-media documentary Mechanical Figures – Inspired by Tesla - has become a “walk through the movie experience” - a spatial gallery installation, with the main intention of guiding visitors through Tesla’s mind - recreating Tesla's last conceptual patent - MIND PROJECTOR

This unique concept exhibition, highlighting
the importance of IDEAS - as yet nonmaterial but most important and real generators of new life. 

In this complex 
STORYTELLING INSTALLATION, like in an Alice in Wonderland journey, visitors will travel from Croatia to New Zealand, “meeting” Mark Twain, Stanford White, J.E.R. Houdin, Thomas Edison, Georges Méliès, Terry Gilliam, Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Andy Serkis ...  to mention just a few. 

  famous artists INSPIRED by TESLA  

Visitors discover the secret behind the genius minds, through the influences of Tesla’s work in the field of development of ILLUSIONISM, PHOTOGRAPHY, FILM, MUSIC, SCIENCE FICTION, COMPUTER GAMES, COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, ASTRONOMY, ART DECO, ENTERTAINING and GAMING INDUSTRY, starting from the idea that to be inspired by Tesla means to awaken in yourself the code of creative life, which is the main message that exhibition wants to convey to the public at large. 

  video & audio guide examples  

In order to create FULLY IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE of walking through TESLA GENIUS MIND, gallery space is completely transformed into 9 scenographic spaces, that represent 9 story chapters.


Visitors are literally walking through the story as if they will walk through the picture book, animated movie, and film set, at the same time. 


An important part of the exhibition concept is that it is UNIQUE for each place where it is invited.


That is possible thanks to the innovative modular set design and rich cross-media modular immersive interactive projections and touch screen material, produced with the international team, for over 11 years, with more than 9 hours of documentary videos and artistic animations, with audio and interactive encyclopedic materials, that is easily adaptable to any spaces.  


The most exciting part of the concept is a close collaboration with local artists, designers, videographers, craftsmen, game designers and multimedia "technicians" and developers, through specially developed "inspired by TESLA"  framework.


This collaboration is an important part that is giving us an opportunity to "upgrade" and enrich the immersive TESLA SPIRIT experience, with not losing the vibe and freshness of the latest fast-changing trends.


Also, it is giving an opportunity for an upgrade of our POP and KINO TESLA selections with new works "inspired by TESLA" from local artists and storytellers, that is open to be included into the traveling "collection". 


Our aim is to come to every place, like a TESLA Magic Caravan and to work with the local community together on the building of a new world inspired by TESLA. 


That is is a great way for many to learn about TESLA, and get immersed into TESLA SPIRIT already in the process of preparation, but as well as to enhance community building and collaborations, learing, fun and entertaimnet on all levels of the exhibition.


This approach gives the opportunity to build program, content, and activities dispersed through the city, creating a TESLA creative network, form schools, kindergartens, to art galleries and innovation start-up centers, that can stay open independently and after the exhibition is closed in the main venue.