NoN Plus Ultra - There is nothing further - according to legend, are the words that stood on the Pillars of Hercules, the ultimate known point of the ancient world. Today, the expression is used for something that cannot be done further, more, better.

Where the Pillars of Hercules stood, is still unknown. It stretches from Gibraltar to Ireland, telling us about the mythical and spiritual character of human life. Curious and unstoppable in a search of the unknown within itself, and the outer world. 


NoN Plus Ultra adventure started in Dalmatia inspired by the verses of the poem "Driti ka kolone" - strong & straight like pillars. And through the time it reached al the way beyond the Pillars of Hercules, to the mythical world of Plato Atlantis.  


Since then we lived through forgotten stories, inviting various artists to various places to make together a mirror storyland for the locals and inspirational portals for the globals. 


We embraced 21. century Odyssey through the soul "lenses". We started to create new emotional landscapes of an old place, as an act of genius revelation. And .... in the process, we arrived in 2020, and the world starts changing too, as there is nothing more left of this civilization, than a good story to be retold for the foundation of a NEW CIVILIZAITON


Welcome to a gateway of a timeless, immersive, nonlinear and nonnarrative - NoN Plus UltrA - Alchemical Mirror of the forgotten Druid's Storyland.